Looking for more tools and information? Check out these top links below.
Fatherville – – Fatherville was created to inspire fathers everywhere to become better figures to their children. The site offers tons of useful articles, tips, news, interviews, videos, and other sources to help educate and raise awareness.

Fathers 4 Justice – – Fathers 4 Justice was founded by a name named Matt O’Connor who was denied access to his sons in 2001. Since then, he decided to help other men climb up bridges rather than to jump off of them in despair.
Dads Divorce – – Sponsored by Cordell & Cordell, the site was created to bring awareness and educate men about their rights when it comes to child custody and divorce. The site is focused on guides in child custody and how to make the most successful case procedure possible.
National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse – – the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse was founded to support fathers and families in the goals of providing research, strategies, and tips that will encourage fathers.
Fathers Resources International – – Fathers Resources International has helped fathers all over the country in support by providing services that include divorce-management services, strategic analysis, divorce coaching, and education programs for fathers in need of solutions to their custody issues.
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