How to Attract Men Using Pheromones

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female scent attractionUsing pheromones to attract men isn’t just about how you apply them on your body because that would just take you a few seconds to do. What is important is how to use the scent to your advantage so that you can get a conversation off the road with that guy you really want to have. Boosting your natural pheromones will give you an upper hand when it comes to attracting a mate and so here is how to attract your desired soul mate using pheromones.

Give it a Trial

Just like anything new, it is god that you test pheromones to see how it works for you. Wear some pheromones when you out for a Sunday morning latte or perhaps when reading a newspaper at a coffee shop. These are some of the low-key situations that will help you gauge if more men seem to have interest in you or try to walk close to you to have a talk with you.

Pick an Appropriate Setting to Use Pheromones

Friday nights at a club, get together parties, birthday parties, and are union with old school crush are just but some of the events that pheromones are meant for since this is where you are likely to get men who are interested in getting new catches.

Apply the Pheromones to a Pulse Point on Your Skin

This can be on your wrists, around your neck, behind your ears, and the back of your knees. You only need to apply the pheromones at one place and not both.

Put Your Body Language to Work

Catch a man’s eye that interests you for some seconds and then look away. Do this for some time casually to attract his attention. Sit with your legs pointing towards his direction and your arms casually at your sides. Play with your hair and make it like you are inviting him for a conversation.  Doing so will increase his confidence and increase the chances of him approaching you.

Back Up the Pheromones By Giving Your Best

Invest your time in learning how to talk with strangers and to flirt. Always remember that pheromones are just aids and it won’t do you any good if you attract the attention of a man if you cannot carry a conversation or you have put less effort into your appearance.