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How A Father Can Reduce Child Support And Gain Custody Rights Quickly

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child supportChild support is a subject which appears to polarize all the concerned parties. Even though in some cases, mothers may pay out child support to custodial fathers, in the majority of cases, mothers are the custodial parents and non-custodial fathers help in paying child support. So, how exactly the child support program work, and what does a father need to do to lower child support and gain full custody rights very fast?

How Can A Father Reduce Child Support?

Identify a change in your financial circumstances

You can claim that your financial times have changed in a way that an adjustment of child support is warranted. The change should be considerable and long-term. Also, you cannot have your financial situation changed voluntarily by quitting a high-paying job for a low-income job, or resigning from work altogether.


Submit a joint request to the court

Make a formal agreement with the other parent and if she agrees, submit a joint request to the court for modification of the child’s support. The court will always be convinced that the change is in the child’s best interest.


File a petition to adjust the child support

To reduce the child support, you will be required to file a motion in the court that initially issued the order, siting reasons why that would be necessary. Gather concrete reasons and submit them to the court. If your reasons convince the court, then you can have the child support lowered.

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How a father can gain full custody rights fast.

Although the courts usually consider it more suitable for both parents to share child custody, there are circumstances in which the legal courts would grant full custody to a single parent. Also, the courts are not allowed to demonstrate any bias towards fathers, so if you can indicate that you are currently the better parent, you are likely to get full custody rights.

Demonstrate to the courts how bad the mum could be. Explore on all the possibilities of her negative lifestyle that will have a negative impact on your child or children as they grow.

Maintain a healthy relationship with your child as the court will continuously inquire about your relationship with the child. If your relationship with the child is not good, then chances of being granted full custody rights may be hindered.

All said and done, your chances of winning a full custody rights will depend on how well you are prepared to defend yourself in courts and demonstrating the willingness and ability to take care of the kid in the absence of the mother.