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3 Factors the Courts Consider When Granting Fathers Custody Rights

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Courts Consider When Granting Fathers Custody Rights

While the ideal arrangement in the court is for parents to share custody of their children, there are many situations where it is deemed impossible. In these cases, the courts would consider awarding full custody to one parent with visitation rights to the other.

However, if you can show that you are the better caretaker as the father, you have a chance of getting full custody.

Here are 3 factors the courts consider when granting fathers custody rights.

Acknowledged paternity

Fathers who are interested in gaining full custody of a child will be considered during the proceeding in the court. If the father signed the child’s birth certificate, the will also be considered during the proceeding. If the parents are not married during the birth of their child, they must establish paternity and pursue visitation rights.

Relationship between father and child

The judge will consider the father’s relationship with the child before awarding full custody rights.

The father must be prepared to respond to questions in regards to his relationship with the child. If the case is long-standing, the judge will ask about previous rights in visitation.

Relationship between mother and child

The court tries not to interrupt a previous child custody arrangement that has been working in the long term, especially if the mother is the primary caretaker.

However, the court may consider changing the arrangement if the child is found to be in danger. If the father wants to gain full custody, he might be prepared to show proof or evidence that changes the circumstances in the custody agreement.

Unwed Father

Fathers who want to gain full custody rights of their children must be ready for the courts’ decision, especially as they often reward mothers with generous visitation rights.

The relationship with both parents will be considered in winning rights as the main goal is to be placed in the best interest of the child. Keep in mind that each state has their share of laws in terms of child custody.

While unmarried fathers have rights, it is important to understand the limitations before moving forward.