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Father’s Divorce Checklist: How to Protect Your Rights

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While the divorce may still seem fresh, most couples also tend to settle the custodial agreement of the children.

This process takes many factors into consideration as the court must determine which parent will provide the best care. With today’s modern age, fathers are also able to win custody of their children if they can provide the necessary needs that the court views as vital in the upbringing.

While there is still a bias against fathers winning custody over mothers, there is still a chance at gaining custody of your kids now than ever before.

This simple checklist will help you cover all the aspects of the divorce and custodial issues of your rights as a father. To ensure that you prepare yourself for a position to win, a father must have:

  • History of adequate childcare
  • Modeling positive morals and values in the upbringing
  • Providing appropriate discipline to child
  • Providing most financial support
  • Actively communicates with teachers, coaches, physicians, and other adults involved with child
  • Willing to sacrifice self-interests to gain custody of child

Consider the Joint Managing Conservatorship

This means that the father will manage as a conservator after the divorce is finalized. Even if the mother does not agree, you can ask that the designation of the child’s primary residence for the child will be at your residence.

Visitation Rights

If you are only granted visitation rights, you must ask for the right to pick up the child at school on Friday and return them to school on Monday.

However, if your job does not permit this, you can also ask to pick them up elsewhere after school. This is favorable when the mother will also be working and face the same issues. Fathers should be able to contact their children every night and specify the time and days.

The time when kids spend with the non-custodial parent is visitation rights. Unless there is some kind of physical endangerment to the child at hand, the court will allow freedom and visitation rights to the father. This is crucial for the child’s upbringing as the father’s involvement is important for their overall growth.

Insist on Neutral Pick Up Site

This is when you and the parent will decide when a neutral site is possible or when it is not. You can ask to pick up the children at their house, as the parent will then pick up the children from yours.

Notify the Amount of Support

If you are to pay child support and have recently lost your job or making less money than you were then the support was issued, you must immediately go to the Attorney General and ask that your order is modified to reflect the present financial stances.

Otherwise, you will be left with hard issues when you continue to pay the same rate that you cannot currently afford.

Ability to Communicate with Spouse

Fathers will have a higher chance to gain custody if they are more than willing to communicate with their spouse regarding their children. Everything the parents do must be illustrated towards the best interests of their children.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fight for your rights as a father. Be sure to hire the right lawyer that can provide you with the tools and information you need to secure your rights.

Don’t make the same mistakes other fathers made in the past and fight for your children. See more stories and tips.