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How Every Male Can Look Like A Fitness Model And Attract Women

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how to become a fitness modelDo you want to have a body that most women find unattractive? Definitely not, but what exactly do women want and how can they get it? Whether you admit it or not, most men strive to have a lean body in the gym in order to attract women and most women are attracted to men who look like fitness model.

Every guy wants a body that women find attractive and if you are opposing this, then ask yourself, “Do you want a body that women find unattractive?” Am sure you will not say “yes” to this question.  So how do you achieve that fitness model-like body? Don’t worry. Here are three effective tips that will help you look like a fitness model and attract more women.


Exercise is one of the most common things you must have dubbed in and is the first factor needed if you are to achieve that sexy muscular look. When working out, learn how to work out smarter and not harder if you want to gain maximum results within a short time.

It is important to know that each muscle group work in a different way and may need a specific training to yield proper results. It is therefore essential that you go through an anatomy of muscle building before jumping into any muscle building exercise. You can do this by seeking advice from the gym instructor or any other person who as knowledge on body training.

Eat Well

Apart from working out, you need to eat well if you are to achieve a lean body similar to those of fitness model. Have a feeding plan that will not result in an increase in your body weight. If you already have big body, do not starve yourself in order to reduce weight. Most people think that starving is a way to reducing the excess body weight.

However, starving will only lead you to eating the wrong food immediately you get hungry and as such maintaining that heavy body. Avoid eating fries and junky foods and go for fruits and carbohydrates that will help you achieve a lean body.

Dress Accordingly

It doesn’t matter how muscular you maybe, if you don’t dress in the right way, women may fail to notice you muscular look. Most fitness model put on fitting clothes to expose their muscles and so should you. Avoid putting on buggy clothes as they will hide your muscles and leave nothing to show off.

Put on tight vests and shirts that will expose your chest and hand muscles. If possible put on shorts to expose your thigh and leg muscles. Women like it when you show them those muscles so avoid clothes that will not expose your muscles to women.

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How to Attract Men Using Pheromones

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female scent attractionUsing pheromones to attract men isn’t just about how you apply them on your body because that would just take you a few seconds to do. What is important is how to use the scent to your advantage so that you can get a conversation off the road with that guy you really want to have. Boosting your natural pheromones will give you an upper hand when it comes to attracting a mate and so here is how to attract your desired soul mate using pheromones.

Give it a Trial

Just like anything new, it is god that you test pheromones to see how it works for you. Wear some pheromones when you out for a Sunday morning latte or perhaps when reading a newspaper at a coffee shop. These are some of the low-key situations that will help you gauge if more men seem to have interest in you or try to walk close to you to have a talk with you.

Pick an Appropriate Setting to Use Pheromones

Friday nights at a club, get together parties, birthday parties, and are union with old school crush are just but some of the events that pheromones are meant for since this is where you are likely to get men who are interested in getting new catches.

Apply the Pheromones to a Pulse Point on Your Skin

This can be on your wrists, around your neck, behind your ears, and the back of your knees. You only need to apply the pheromones at one place and not both.

Put Your Body Language to Work

Catch a man’s eye that interests you for some seconds and then look away. Do this for some time casually to attract his attention. Sit with your legs pointing towards his direction and your arms casually at your sides. Play with your hair and make it like you are inviting him for a conversation.  Doing so will increase his confidence and increase the chances of him approaching you.

Back Up the Pheromones By Giving Your Best

Invest your time in learning how to talk with strangers and to flirt. Always remember that pheromones are just aids and it won’t do you any good if you attract the attention of a man if you cannot carry a conversation or you have put less effort into your appearance.

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Ways to Create and Develop Family Unity and Fun

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family unityThere’s no such thing as perfect family due to human being’s imperfections. But nevertheless, hard work and determination to attain unity can mean a lot to each and every member. Everyone partakes to important roles. And a happy family could be possible regardless being imperfect. But what are those aspects that contribute to making it possible?

Ways to create and develop family unity and fun:

Good communication

When talking about communication, both things should work, expressing one’s self and one’s listening skills. In a family, everyone should have freedom to share and express what they feel or should talk about their problems. Keeping it won’t resolve anything and would possibly raise unnecessary issues. Try to open-up.

You should also learn when to stop talking and try listening to what others feel. It may be difficult for you but it will help create and develop unity.


Everyone should develop understanding. It is an essential attitude that helps develop good traits. For if a person understands, he/she can accept flaws and expects that everyone makes mistakes and is always ready to forgive. Portraying this positive attitude helps the family stay united.

Showing affection

Perhaps, you remember the time where you felt so down and thought that a hug would help ease the feeling? That’s why showing affection is essential. It promotes harmony and allowing your family to grow in a positive way. Whether it’s a hug, a kiss or sweet things you say, it uplifts a good mood.

Saying stuffs like thank you and please is significant. It’s one way of expressing your love.

Set a good role

Have you ever heard of the saying, “your child/children would not follow to what you say but to what they see”? Some parents agreed to this. It is significant that children would grow in healthy surrounding. This will affect the way they think, talk, or even socialize with other people. It’s an obvious thing that they won’t really listen to what you’ll say all the time, so as a parent, you have to portray a good example that they will able to follow and let them reflect. Don’t do things you don’t want them to also do.

Bonding time

Nowadays, people tend to have a busy and stressful life. But despite, family bonding helps strengthen the unity. And there are various ways to spend time with your family. It doesn’t necessarily mean traveling abroad or eating in expensive restaurants it could be the little things like when mom cooks family’s favorite dish and eats together, it could be a movie night or a little talk in the couch. This will teach your kids how to interact, it could also develop their communication, or they will learn more on how to value family. Above all, they will learn how to have fun.

Spiritual things matters

Parents shouldn’t forget to teach and introduce the importance of spiritual things. If your children are equipped with the knowledge about doing well, everything will sum up and have a better outcome. So don’t forget to attend church as a family and let them know that togetherness is significant and that no one should be left alone.

No matter what problems, difficulties you will face if you are intact and together with the people that you love and value you, you will definitely overcome it.

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How To Become A Good Father With Full Confidence

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being a good dadDo you occasionally ask yourself whether the difficulties or challenges your son or daughter is encountering are because you have not been a good father? In that case, you are not alone. Many fathers experience the same situation from time to time.

But, you will find things that you can try that will help you feel more confident as a father. Being a father is a continuous process, the way you do it and what is expected from you may changes as time passes.

Nevertheless, your child will always be inspired by your role as a father, regardless of what their age or knowledge. This is especially crucial as your child experiences difficult times of becoming a grown-up, and particularly when they are encountering challenges.

It is therefore important to be confident in every step you take to reach out to your child at times when they need you most. Below are some of the ways that can help you become a father with full confidence.

Be Present.

Basic steps are critical. Be there for your child. What this means is hearing whatever they say just as much as being literally present. They would like to hang out with their close friends, and on their own, so it’s essential that, within the time you do spend together, you are concentrating on what they say.


Regular communication with your child or children will help you build the confidence you need to listen to their problems and understand how to deal with them.

Motivate your son or daughter to speak about their problems and emotions. Understand that they are very likely to talk openly about what’s disturbing them when they ready. They have to know you are fascinated and able to pay attention when they are ready to speak.

Learn about them – what is essential to them? They are going through the world on their own, and their perceptions and beliefs may completely differ from yours. You could learn something.

Talk To Other Parents.

Speaking to other parents and discussing strategies and experiences is actually a smart way to enhance your confidence as a father. Talk to close friends with kids of similar ages, or the parents of your kid’s friends. There are possibilities that you will feel less alone and appreciate that there exists others experiencing comparable difficulties to you. Ask what has worked for them.

You might also prefer to speak with other parents within the Reach Out Parents community forums and make inquiries about your worries in a secure and confidential environment.

Be Close To Your Kids.

Demonstrating your passion and interest is essential even though how you do this changes from time to time. Your kid may not be as close and loving to you as once they were younger. Offer comfort and ease when they are troubled and stressed.

This is a parental purpose and may induce a willingness to talk freely. Find time have a great time and get to understand them in various ways. It can be a fascinating moment for both of you. There are several other ways of becoming a father with full confidence, but the above summarizes the best ways you can boost your confidence of becoming a father.


Good Reasons Fathers and Husbands Must Use Penomet Device

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ladies love it biggerWhat’s Penomet?

We specifically create this unique article guide to help fathers improve their sex lives with your spouse and partners.

The product name is Penomet penile pump, designed to assist improve erectile dysfunction, elongate smaller manhood, and improve erections and sexual staying power. If you desire to get more ideas, go this resource page: which detail more benefits and how to order one with discounts.

Following direct input and opinions from 1,000s of people and consumers, Penomet provides an extremely effective water assisted pump using a gap — a unique and innovative interchangeable Gaiter System which allows you to gradually, safely and comfortably increase the pressure used to enlarge your penis.

How Penomet Works

For the best results Penomet should to be used with water; Conventional air vacuum pumps compress and expand air without enlarging the penis equally leading to enlargement of some regions but not others. Penomet accomplishes this dilemma by employing water to offer equal volume and pressure inside the cylinder.

Due to the unique design of Penomet, when compression of the pump stops, the non-return valve in the end of the cylinder shuts and the gaiter expands – that results in pressure being applied both to the penis.

Unlike other penis pumps in the market, Penomet is really unique in its design — providing 5 interchangeable gaiters that allow you to gradually and safely increase the pressure of this device — consumers may achieve gains of around 65% quicker when compared with a pump using a fixed, 1 gaiter setting.

The Way to Use Your Own Penomet Device

Penomet was designed to Be easy and straightforward to use. Follow these six easy steps and you will be prepared to use your Penomet device in under 60 seconds! It does not get any simpler than this…

Benefits of this Penomet Penis Pump

When we hear the term penis pump, many guys believe that it’s a device employed by men to treat erectile dysfunction. The reality is, conventional dry penis pumps continue to be employed for this function, and lately there are newer products which are created to increase the magnitude of a person’s penis. What most guys don’t know is that a penis pump provides a lot more benefits.

Now that you have a basic grasp of exactly what the Penomet is and the way that it functions here is the important things which are all of the benefits the Penomet provides that include:

  • Increase the size of your manhood by inches
  • Make your penis longer and thicker
  • Make erections fuller and harder
  • Last longer in bed
  • Boost symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Men who’ve employed the Penomet have observed a significant improvement in penis size, girth, and overall sexual performance. Among those things that you will discover when pumping with all the Penomet for your very first time is how much bigger your penis gets, the swelling is incredible.

There are a couple of precautions you must take when using the Penomet. When you first get your pump that you should start off slow, it is important not to over pump. First-time users should start pumping with moderate pressure and restrict your pumping occasions for 15-20 minutes. When you get the hang of stuff it’s possible to pump longer.

What I’ve found that works best is to perform two back to back 15-minute sessions, to put it differently, pump for 15 minutes, rest for 5 minutes and then pump again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gains can I expect to see? Most people can profit between 1-3 inches in length with A 30 percent increase in girth.

Are results permanent? Yes. You Will See temporary gains after every usage which May last up to a few hours, using permanent gains attainable with prolonged usage.

Just how long can it take me to see permanent results? A visible increase in length and girth could be achieved Within 1 month of continuing usage.

I already have a huge cock — is Penomet appropriate for me? The Penomet can adapt a penis of around 8 inches whilst allowing extra space for gains in length. Additional cylinders are offered through our accessory shop to allow for additional gains.

Is your Penomet appropriate for guys with micro penis syndrome? No, however a smaller variant of this Penomet device will soon be released especially for the ones that suffer with this condition.

What’s the gap between the white and blue Penomet cylinders? Both cylinders are Precisely the same — just pick your Preferred color in the checkout!

Why would be the gaiters distinct colors? Every gaiter creates a distinct pressure force. The purple, Induce 60 gaiter generates the smallest pressure whilst offering the ideal starting point if you have never used a penis pump before. As you advance and use Penomet more, you may gradually increase the pressure force by utilizing different gaiters.

How long is the guarantee? Penomet is fabricated to the greatest possible standards. all the devices include a three year warranty — the best from the industry! All gaiters gain from free life gaiter replacement however when a non-water based cleaning solution is used on the device or gaiters that this will invalidate your guarantee and free gaiter replacement cover.

How long should I use the Penomet for daily? We propose you session of 15-30 minutes Each Day, Increasing the amount of daily sessions.

How much is shipping? Shipping fees are determined by location and are calculated At time of purchase.

How long does delivery take? All items are often dispatched next business day nonetheless During peak times dispatch times may vary. US orders are delivered within 3-7 working days by monitored courier, whilst non-US orders require around 14-21 days with monitoring supplied within 3-5 days of shipment. In case you haven’t received your purchase within 30 days of placing your order, please contact customer care team.

Are there some Penomet accessories? Yes! They’ve Got a growing array of accessories, upgrades and add-ons. Details of them and variously annual promotions and special offers are supplied via email following your first purchase.

Is my Penomet discharge valve broken? If you’re using Penomet from the shower you will notice that When you fill out the cylinder with water, the water drains from this discharge valve. This isn’t a flaw and simply the way the discharge valve was designed to supply you with the best maybe pumping experience.

To conquer this matter simply hold the discharge valve with your finger as you fill out the cylinder with water — after you have implemented the pump into your groin (on your manhood) and pumped a few times to make suction, then your finger can then be eliminated and water must then only be discharged when you pump or press on the discharge valve to a side.


The Penomet penis pump is an incredible device that provides Guys many benefits. If you are wondering why ladies love it bigger and how much this device cost including where to get it with a money back guarantee visit out online store. Read more on blogs here.

Father’s Divorce Checklist: How to Protect Your Rights

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While the divorce may still seem fresh, most couples also tend to settle the custodial agreement of the children.

This process takes many factors into consideration as the court must determine which parent will provide the best care. With today’s modern age, fathers are also able to win custody of their children if they can provide the necessary needs that the court views as vital in the upbringing.

While there is still a bias against fathers winning custody over mothers, there is still a chance at gaining custody of your kids now than ever before.

This simple checklist will help you cover all the aspects of the divorce and custodial issues of your rights as a father. To ensure that you prepare yourself for a position to win, a father must have:

  • History of adequate childcare
  • Modeling positive morals and values in the upbringing
  • Providing appropriate discipline to child
  • Providing most financial support
  • Actively communicates with teachers, coaches, physicians, and other adults involved with child
  • Willing to sacrifice self-interests to gain custody of child

Consider the Joint Managing Conservatorship

This means that the father will manage as a conservator after the divorce is finalized. Even if the mother does not agree, you can ask that the designation of the child’s primary residence for the child will be at your residence.

Visitation Rights

If you are only granted visitation rights, you must ask for the right to pick up the child at school on Friday and return them to school on Monday.

However, if your job does not permit this, you can also ask to pick them up elsewhere after school. This is favorable when the mother will also be working and face the same issues. Fathers should be able to contact their children every night and specify the time and days.

The time when kids spend with the non-custodial parent is visitation rights. Unless there is some kind of physical endangerment to the child at hand, the court will allow freedom and visitation rights to the father. This is crucial for the child’s upbringing as the father’s involvement is important for their overall growth.

Insist on Neutral Pick Up Site

This is when you and the parent will decide when a neutral site is possible or when it is not. You can ask to pick up the children at their house, as the parent will then pick up the children from yours.

Notify the Amount of Support

If you are to pay child support and have recently lost your job or making less money than you were then the support was issued, you must immediately go to the Attorney General and ask that your order is modified to reflect the present financial stances.

Otherwise, you will be left with hard issues when you continue to pay the same rate that you cannot currently afford.

Ability to Communicate with Spouse

Fathers will have a higher chance to gain custody if they are more than willing to communicate with their spouse regarding their children. Everything the parents do must be illustrated towards the best interests of their children.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fight for your rights as a father. Be sure to hire the right lawyer that can provide you with the tools and information you need to secure your rights.

Don’t make the same mistakes other fathers made in the past and fight for your children. See more stories and tips.

3 Things Unwed Fathers Must Know About Their Rights

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3 Things Unwed Fathers Must Know About Their Rights

If you find yourself stuck in this situation, there are some things to consider and help you prepare for your role of child custody and care.

Here are 3 things unwed fathers must know about their rights.

Establish paternity as the father

In the United States, a married couple has the legal presumption that the husband is the father of the child. However, when the child is born out of marriage, there is no legal claim of paternity.

Without the legal affirmation, the father has no legal right to visitations, shared custody, or the ability to make decisions about the child’s welfare.

The easiest way to establish paternity is to ensure that the unwed father’s name is written on the birth certificate and with the mother during the birth of the child. If the mother contests to the father’s paternity claim, he can petition to establish his paternity and take a test to claim his parental status.

Gain Rights in Custody Agreement

Once the unwed father established his legal claim to paternity, he must determine his custody status. All men are legally claimed as the father has the same rights, whether they are married or not.

If the unwed father and mother are raising the child in the same home, custody is not considered an issue. However, if they separate, the father will need to propose a petition to establish his rights to shared custody.

Pay Child Support

Regardless of the custody agreement, fathers have financial responsibility for the child. The only way the father can avoid child support is to give up his paternity rights of seeing his child.

If the parents are raising the child together, the financial support will happen without the court. However, if the parents separate, the child support will become a formal obligation through the court.


Unwed fathers have all the rights and responsibilities of any father. However, it is important to establish those rights legally and take the appropriate steps to meet those obligations.

3 Factors the Courts Consider When Granting Fathers Custody Rights

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Courts Consider When Granting Fathers Custody Rights

While the ideal arrangement in the court is for parents to share custody of their children, there are many situations where it is deemed impossible. In these cases, the courts would consider awarding full custody to one parent with visitation rights to the other.

However, if you can show that you are the better caretaker as the father, you have a chance of getting full custody.

Here are 3 factors the courts consider when granting fathers custody rights.

Acknowledged paternity

Fathers who are interested in gaining full custody of a child will be considered during the proceeding in the court. If the father signed the child’s birth certificate, the will also be considered during the proceeding. If the parents are not married during the birth of their child, they must establish paternity and pursue visitation rights.

Relationship between father and child

The judge will consider the father’s relationship with the child before awarding full custody rights.

The father must be prepared to respond to questions in regards to his relationship with the child. If the case is long-standing, the judge will ask about previous rights in visitation.

Relationship between mother and child

The court tries not to interrupt a previous child custody arrangement that has been working in the long term, especially if the mother is the primary caretaker.

However, the court may consider changing the arrangement if the child is found to be in danger. If the father wants to gain full custody, he might be prepared to show proof or evidence that changes the circumstances in the custody agreement.

Unwed Father

Fathers who want to gain full custody rights of their children must be ready for the courts’ decision, especially as they often reward mothers with generous visitation rights.

The relationship with both parents will be considered in winning rights as the main goal is to be placed in the best interest of the child. Keep in mind that each state has their share of laws in terms of child custody.

While unmarried fathers have rights, it is important to understand the limitations before moving forward.

4 Child Custody Options to Consider After a Divorce

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4 Child Custody Options to Consider After a Divorce

Let’s face it – divorce isn’t all glitter and happy endings. This is especially true when children are involved. When a couple accepts that they are no longer in a healthy, active relationship, the most common issue a father has to deal with is the custody of the children.

Where will the children stay? How much time will the father be allowed to spend with them? While some couples are lucky to be able to agree on custodial terms, many families are faced with the hardships on where to stay and who to live with.

Here are 4 child custody options to consider after a divorce.

Split Custody

If there is more than one child, they will split up between parents and be given a schedule to access with the child that does not live with you. This option is only used when both parents agree that it is best for the children.

Serial Customer

This happens when both parties get legal and/or physical custody for a certain number of years and switch. The non-custodial parent must maintain regular visits as they require ongoing relationships with both rather than one at a time.

Third-Party Custody

This option is for parents who give someone else custody of the children. This is often the grandparents or siblings of either party. It is usually decided when the judge deems that both parents are incapable of taking care of the children or pose danger to the family.

Joint Custody

Legal joint custody offers a 50/50 share for partnership. When couples split up, they often have trouble making appropriate custody arrangements and leave it to the judge to make the necessary decision. Most often, fathers are left with the short end of the stick.

In fact, 85% of cases allow mothers to gain sole custody of the children while fathers are allowed visitation rights to be used 1/5th of the child’s time. Unwed fathers guide!

Gaining custody of the children should not be used for pain or harm. Make sure it is given towards the love for your kids. The case for custody should always be based on what is best for the children and improve their life after the divorce.