Welcome to Fathers Rights Child Custody.
Fathers have the human right to stay involved in their child’s life. Through the right understanding and knowledge of our strengths, we exercise the right to stay active on the concerns of our children’s health and welfare.

Did you know that in after 7 out of 10 cases, the father is the noncustodial parent in the agreement? Even in joint custody, fathers often feel like the visitor to their own child.
Here at Fathers Rights Child Custody, we provide support for fathers in need of group support, self-help resources, and assistance. We provide real-life tips and guidance to help you determine the best options for your rights as a father.
We understand the shock, pain, struggle, and defeat fathers are forced to deal with in court. That is why we’re here to help fathers get the help they need to raise awareness in parental equality.
No child should ever be denied their rights to a father. With over 200 children living with fathers, we aim to lose that standard by raising awareness to stop this cruel habit. That is why here at Fathers Right Child Custody, we stand for the rights of fathers, mothers, and children everywhere.